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The Portuguese-flag brig Aventura, alias Maria Izabel, left somewhere along the West Central African coast, likely Ambriz or Luanda, sometime in early 1835. Its purported destination was Montevideo. There were appoximately 70 enslaved Africans on board this slave vessel at the point of embarkation; a handful died during the trans-Atlantic voyage that ended with the clandestine landing of the Africans along the coast of São Paulo province, Brazil. The Brazilian patacho, Continente, under the command and ownership of José Francisco Dutra, was involved in the Brazilian coastal trade, including the trans-shipment of slaves.

On 6 June 1835, the Continente was detained by the Dous de Março, a Brazilian Imperial Navy sloop under the command of Manoel Francisco da Costa Pereira, near São Sebastião, São Paulo. On the suspicion that the Continente was engaged in the coasting trade of African slaves clandestinely brought to mainland Brazil, Pereira and his crew discovered approximately four dozen slaves in concealed compartments. A female African who spoke Portuguese informed Pereira that the rescued Africans were from the Aventura. The Africans were taken to Rio de Janeiro aboard the charrua Carioca, while both suspected vessels were hauled to the Brazilian capital where the cases were brought before the Anglo-Brazilian Mixed Commission. The Mixed Commission found just cause to condemn the Continente on 28 July 1835. Two days later, the commissioners condemned the Aventura. The vessels were later sent to auction.

A partial nominal list of the rescued Africans had been taken 20 July 1835, and letters of emancipation were issued on 17 and 31 August. Six additional letters were issued on 17 November. There is signifiant variation in these matriculation registers, and the number of Liberated Africans associated with the Continente and Aventura ranges from 36 to 66. Of the six known registers produced between 1835 and 1865, discrepancies can be attributed to deaths, the admixture of Africans rescued from the smacks Novo Destino and São Domingos, spotty record keeping, and transcription errors.

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Registry of death of Theresa Angola Continente 11, deceased 12 April 1847, Rio de Janeiro. Source: AM IJ 6 Pasta 467, 6 May 1847.
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