Jesús María

Map showing St. Thomas, Sherbro, Nassau, Havana and point of capture for the Jesús María, 1841

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The Jesús María was the forty second conviction of a slave ship by the Havana Slave Trade Commission. This Spanish schooner, under the command of Lorenzo Ruíz, began its voyage at St. Thomas for Sierra Leone loaded with a cargo of potatoes and onions. After unloading the cargo there, the captain died and the ship fell under the command of the owner, Vicente Morales, who changed the plan and proceeded to Sherbro to buy slaves. Likely in mid-to-late 1840, 278 people boarded this ship and 26 individuals died during the middle passage.

On 29 December 1840, the HMS sloop Ringdove, under the command of Keith Stewart, detained this ship off to the northwest of Santa Cruz around N17°56 and W64°55. Upon their arrival to Havana, the survivors were placed on board the Romney. From the point of capture and through the trial, another 18 people died. On 13 January 1841, the court declared the ship engaged in the illegal slave trade and issued emancipation certificates for 234 people.

Resettlement to Nassau

The removal of people from the Jesús María from Havana to Nassau in the Bahamas occurred after the receipt of emancipation certificates on 21 January 1841. On 4 February, 234 people arrived Nassau. During the voyage from Havana, 13 people died from dysentery.

Trial Summary

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Register Statistics

Graph of the statistics for the register of the Jesús María, 1841

Table of the statistics for the register of the Jesús María, 1841

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