Map showing the loaction of Luanda, Havana, Nassau and the point of capture for the Empresa, 1836

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The Empresa was the thirty seventh conviction of a slave ship by the Havana Slave Trade Commission. This Spanish smack, under the command of Andres Colomar, began its voyage at Havana and set sail for Luanda on 20 May 1836 loaded with an unspecified cargo. On 20 August, this ship sailed from Africa with 450 people on board and 16 individuals died during the middle passage.

On 28 September, the HMS schooner Vestal, under the command of William Jones, detained this ship between Tobago and Grenada around N11°10 and W62°15. On the way to Havana, the ship was forced to land at Montego Bay, Jamaica to replenish provisions and water. After the capture and during the trial, another 27 people died. On 7 November, the court condemned this slave vessel for sale and issued emancipation certificates for 407 people.

Resettlement to Nassau

The decision to remove people from the Empresa from Havana to Nassau in the Bahamas occurred on 10 November. All of the people who survived were cleared to resettle, but another 1 person died shortly after registration. The barque Cuba of Hamburg, under the command of Julius Gutschow, was commissioned to take 406 Liberated Africans - 357 males and 47 females - to the Bahamas.

On 19 November, 393 Liberated Africans arrived at Nassau because 11 died during this voyage. According to the death reports, these individuals can be identified through the register numbers.

Trial Summary

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Register Statistics

Graph of the statistics for the register of the Empresa, 1836

Table of the statistics for the register of the Empresa, 1836

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