Map showing the location of Puerto Rico, Rio Pongo, Havana, Belize and point of capture for the Preciosa, 1836

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The Preciosa was the thirty sixth conviction of a slave ship by the Havana Slave Trade Commission. This Spanish schooner, under the command of Santiago Comas, began its voyage at Puerto Rico and set sail for Rio Pongo on 4 December 1835 loaded with a cargo of liquors, gunpowder, guns, looking glasses and tobacco. On 12 June 1836, this ship sailed from Africa with 295 people on board, excluding 5 "Kroomen" employed as interpreters and crew. During the middle passage, 9 people died.

On 13 July, the HMS schooner Pincher, under the command of George Byng, detained this ship off the coast of Cuba around N23°37'0 and W81°11'0. During the trial, 1 person died. On 23 July, the court condemned this slave vessel for sale and issued emancipation certificates for 290 people, including the Kroomen.

Resettlement to Belize

The decision to remove people from the Preciosa from Havana to Belize or British Honduras occurred according to Article 2 of Annex C to the 1835 Amendments of 28 June 1835. The decision to resettle these people using the Preciosa took place during the trial. A health report was provided, whereby the sick and injured were separated from the main group.

Due to health reasons, there were upwards of 29 people who were unable to make leave Cuba. On 28 July, 198 males and 63 females left Cuba and landed in Belize on 7 August. At their arrival, 17 males and 1 female were "in a very debilitated state" and 10 people died during this voyage. There is no specific register for those people who went to Belize.

Trial Summary

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Register Statistics

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