Map showing the location of Cape Grand Mount, Havana and the point of capture of the Fingal, 1826

Voyage Map

The Fingal was the fourth conviction of a slave ship by the Havana Slave Trade Commission. This Spanish schooner, under the command of Dionisio Urquijo, began its voyage at Havana and set sail for Cape Mount on 1 February 1825. In total, 61 people boarded this slave ship and 3 individuals died during the middle passage.

On 3 February 1826, the HMS sloop Ferret, under the command of Captain Hobson, detained this vessel because she ran aground near Salt Key off the coast of Cuba around N22°12 and W75°46 and escorted this ship into the Bay of Havana on 15 February to await trial. To avoid persecution, Dionisio Urquijo and his crew claimed they did not take people from Africa directly, rather on the high seas they described how "they fell in with a French Brig which obliged them to receive on board sixty one [people]." On 20 February 1826, the court proved this improbable story false and condemned the ship for sale. It also issued emancipation certificates for 58 people.

Trial Summary

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Register Statistics

Graph of the statistics for the register of the Fingal, 1826

Table showing the statistics for the register of the Fingal, 1826

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