Map showing the location of Havana, Galinhas and point of capture of the Isabel, 1825

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The Isabel was the second conviction of a slave ship by the Havana Slave Trade Commission. This Spanish brigantine, under the command of Pedro Blanco and Vicente Gomez, began its voyage at Havana and set sail for Gallinas on 1 August 1824. In total, 50 people boarded this slave ship and 1 individual died during the middle passage.

On 5 October 1825, the HMS schooner Lion, under the command of Edward Smith, sighted this vessel off the northern coast of Cuba around N21°27 and W77°16. Just before the capture, Vicente Gomez escaped on shore with 39 people and the remainder were escorted into Havana for the trial. On 17 October 1825, the court condemned the ship for sale and issued emancipation certificates for only 10 people.

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Graph of the statistics for the register of the Isabel, 1825

Table showing the statistics for the register of the Isabel, 1825

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