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After 1808, over 200,000 people were emancipated in an international effort to abolish the Atlantic slave trade.
This resource is dedicated to the memories of Liberated Africans.

Vice Admiralty Courts and Mixed Commissions

Painting of Rio de Janeiro


Under development for
14,000+ Liberated Africans

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Painting of Havana


Under development for
27,000+ Liberated Africans

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Painting of Freetown

Sierra Leone

Under development for
100,000+ Liberated Africans

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This website is developing in consideration of other courts in the Bahamas, Jamaica, U.S.A, Suriname, St. Helena, Cabo Verde, Angola, South Africa and the Seychelles. Read more...

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Includes over 75+ images of Liberated Africans and their ships

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This project was supported by:

The Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University